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We print and mail your cards. Mercury Mail will design and print your cards, deliver the cards to your local post office, and follow up to make sure cards reach customers one week before your truck goes into the neighborhood to pick up donations.
Donors place items outside for pickup. Donors simply place our bright yellow postcard on the gently used clothes, household items or furniture on the day of the pickup, curbside or where visible from street. The driver picks up the donations and leaves a receipt. No telemarketing necessary!
Your truck, guided by our maps, picks up donations. An easy-to-follow map shows exactly where your route is. All homes within the boundary received a card for the day's pickup. Drive every street and pick up the donations. Donors find this method very convenient as no telephone call is needed.
Your trucks are full. Save time, gas, and mileage, as routes are driven at approximately 5 miles per hour. Most routes are one quarter the size of an average zip code. Driving is slow and easy, and takes about five hours to complete.
Your stores are full. Consistently higher-grade merchandise with a predictable volume means greater sales and customer retention. The average mail route returns 70% cloth and 30% miscellaneous. It's like having a new store every day!

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